Rivadossi Trafilerie – Electrical discharge machining

Since 1985, Rivadossi Trafilerie has been producing the materials needed to operate wire electrical discharge machines (EDM), ranging from copper to brass and graphite.

Electrical discharge machining is a manufacturing technique that utilises the erosive abilities of electric sparks. As electronics technology has developed, EDM has become essential for producing moulds as well as for allowing small, delicate parts to be precision cut at speed. The technique can replace up to 8 manufacturing steps, such as milling, punching and turning.

What are the greatest benefits of electrical discharge machining? EDM allows manufacturers to work metals with no wastage, and to precision cut small parts. There is no additional equipment required, making EDM a very economical choice with the advantage of not needing any operators – the machines can run automatically and continuously for up to 6 days. With Rivadossi Trafilerie you know you are getting long-lasting, quality products that guarantee precision machining, time savings, and reduced costs.

EDM – Brass wires

Rivadossi Trafilerie provides the finest brass wires for your wire electrical discharge machines. Brass is one of the most malleable metals, with good corrosion resistance.

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EDM – Coated wires

Rivadossi Trafilerie provides coated wires – brass wires coated in zinc or copper – with low solidification times that achieve faster, more precise, and more reliable cuts.

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EDM – Filters

Rivadossi Trafilerie provides quality filters that are needed to remove manufacturing waste from wire EDM machines and are essential for the wires to function correctly.

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EDM Wire Production