Brass Wires

Brass wires are used for modern wire EDM machines and come with various advantages. First of all, they are perfect for all machines with high-speed, precision functions, as well as being longlasting and made from quality materials. They are easy to use and give your product a better finish. They are practical and affordable, very high quality, and save considerable energy which lowers business costs. At Rivadossi Trafilerie you will find a vast range of brass EDM wires, with detailed product data sheets containing helpful information such as straightness, performance and spooling. You can read descriptions of our extensive range online or download the PDF data sheets. Get an online quote based on the type of product you need, or based on the spool size, weight and diameter.

Spools Dimension Net Weight
Din 125 4
Din 160 8
Din 200 16
Din 250 25
P5 5/7
P10 10
P15 20/24
Din 355 45

Standard: 0.20 | 0.25 | 0.30
On request: 0.10 | 0.15 | 0.33


New high power wire OT/1100
for edm wire machines

Advantage in use:

  • Saving of time
  • The best finishing of the pieces with high thickness
  • The lowest waste of power
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Brass wire 60/40 with high resistance

High quality level

Core: Brass wire with high resistance made by Electrolytic cathode
Colour: Bright yellow
Tensile strength: 1100 N/mm²
Alongation: <1%

Diameter tolerance: -0,000/-0,001
Straightness: For automatic threading
Power: High power for binding cut
Spooling: Precise, checked layer by layer