Wire electrical discharge machining materials

Rivadossi Trafilerie not only produces materials for EDM machines, but can also offer the necessary accessories to ensure your EDM machine runs smoothly.


EDM – Deionizing resin

This ready-to-use resin produces completely deionized water to use as the dielectric fluid. It is recommended for removing heavy metals.


EDM – MB 401 antioxidant fluid

A protective rust preventer for EDM that reduces oxidation during cutting. The water remains clear of rust, the machined pieces are less rusty, and the filters and resins last longer.



Rivadossi Trafilerie can supply blocks or pieces of graphite, including custom products. Graphite is an electrical conductor with a very high melting point. It is a mineral in the same family as carbon.


EDM – Dielectric – diatomite

Diatomite is a naturally-occurring, siliceous sedimentary rock. It is the fossilised remains of algae from the diatom family. Its high porosity makes it extremely useful to scientists. For example, it is used to produce dynamite and to perform chromatography analyses.


EDM – Copper tubes and copper electrodes

Electrolytic refining produces totally pure metals and recovers useful elements such as precious metals. It is economically worthwhile because it does not require much energy.


EDM – Precision brass tubes

Outer diameter: 0.2 mm – 6.00 mm. Made from brass. We offer single hole and multi-channel tubes. Also available in imperial measurements.

tubetti -edm

EDM – Single hole tubes

Rivadossi trafilerie offers single hole copper and brass tubes in a range of models, with optional smaller internal diameters. Various accessories upon request: water jet, mini magnet.

On-demand miscellaneous accessories

Waterjet mixing tube
Mini Magnetos
Wire Guides