Power feed contacts

Rivadossi Trafilerie selects the cream of the crop when it comes to EDM machine power feed contacts.

They are made from state-of-the-art materials and technology, and produced with the highest quality standards. Every stage of the production cycle is controlled in order to guarantee power feed contacts that can withstand any operating conditions and stresses. The Rivadossi Trafilerie power feed contacts are ideal for the brass or coated wires, filters, and wires guides we recommend. They cover a range of EDM machine types and our catalogue outlines their compatibility with the major brands so that you are sure to find what you need. Good contacts are essential for maintaining high levels of quality and preventing your machines from wearing out after heavy use for lengthy periods.

Only power feed contacts like those offered by Rivadossi Trafilerie, a leader in its sector for more than 30 years, are produced and tested to the highest standards on the market to ensure reliability and long-lasting efficiency.

These data sheets contain contacts for machines made by the top brands, including Mitsubishi, Fanuc, Charmilles, Brother and Sodik. You will be able to see a product image along with the height, width and diameter, as well as immediately checking that the product is compatible with your EDM machine and requesting a quote. Click on the “Request a quote” button to contact us. We will be happy to give you the information you need about your power feed contacts, or meet any special requests you may have.