All of the raw materials we use come with a quality certificate from the supplier.

Quality Control

Rivadossi Trafilerie only uses the best raw materials for EDM. This is guaranteed by the quality certificate provided by the supplier. The machines we use during manufacture (machining, wire drawing, electrolytic coating) are continually being developed and use a digitised control system based on laser technology. This process makes sure the product meets the quality characteristics our customers require and allows us to issue an inspection certificate that has been developed over the last 20 years. Rivadossi Trafilerie is currently awaiting ISO 9001 certification.


Rivadossi Trafilerie offers the quality filters you need to remove manufacturing waste from wire EDM machines. Removing waste is essential to ensure durable, efficient machinery.

Sale and distribution

Rivadossi Trafilerie produces materials for wire EDM machines to meet its customers’ needs. We therefore do not stock our products, but make them to order based on what each customer requires. This means that Rivadossi Trafilerie always ensures its end users receive a brand-new, quality product in perfect working order, together with an inspection certificate and a certificate guaranteeing the quality of the raw material. Products are packaged in expanded polyurethane or cardboard boxes depending on the transport requirements. Two-day delivery is offered in Italy. Delivery abroad will take up to two weeks. Should you receive faulty products, Rivadossi Trafilerie will immediately arrange for a replacement to be sent out.


Rivadossi Trafilerie does not dump polluting materials. Its environmental concerns have led it to make a significant investment in regenerable galvanising tanks that do not require the liquid to be changed.